Monthly Archives: February 2018

Whats going on with the Toyota Dolphin?

Here is how it started. The old box had issues with water penetration and old age. We went in a new direction.

 I was influenced by the gypsy Vardo wagons of Europe. One blogger in particular in the southern usa built an inspiring example. His is just a pull behind trailer but well done.

We removed the working dometic refrigerator. I sold it on craigslist because our future plans didn’t require it . nothing else was salvageable . The holding tank had a large hole that the previous owner had tried to silicone. Don’t bother, they never hold. Some of the plastic welding kits look interesting but i wasn’t going to play with it on a nasty black and gray combo tank. Pick your battl

  After removing the box and the floor it became evident we were needing to strengthen the floor substructure. It lasted from 1983 till now. I guess that was an acceptable live span. We sanded down the exposed frame and reprimed it. I don’t have the budget for a full restro. We welded in more angle iron to install a new 3/4 floor.

Its been a while

We have been tied up with our stair railing company. i will be updating this site. i have loads of video and photos and some time now. Mona and I sold the house and hooked up the rv. Currently in Florida enjoying the warmer climate. looks like part 2 needs to be next.